We’ve Been Praying. Let’s Get to Work

I firmly agree that prayer is powerful. In fact, it was only two days ago that I saw, along with millions, a crippled plane land safely in LAX, and knew for certain that millions were silently praying. They also witnessed the effect it had.

I’m not a mystic, nor am I superstitious. I was educated to be a scientist (an astronomer, actually), learned in the ways of rational thought. The problem is, you see, is that I was educated perhaps a bit too well, in that I see the limitation of that mode of thinking and trust me, it’s much more limited than you might imagine. With a lot of time and a lot of hurt, I’ve come to understand that truth is quite a bit larger than what science is attempting to understand. It’s not that science is wrong, exactly; it’s that science is not answering the questions people think they’re asking!

For example, Newton meant to answer the question “Why do objects fall?” The answer up to that time had been “Because they love the earth.” Uh-huh! His contribution isn’t that he answered “why”, but he answered (in a restricted sense) “how”. In that way he could also tell us how the moon orbits the earth, and make predictions about where it will be next Tuesday, or where a cannon ball will fall. The predictive value is great, but it doesn’t answer the question “why”, and neither will the discovery of Higgs bosons.

So I’ve been praying about hurricanes lately, like many. My prayer doesn’t change the path of the storm, of course; it only changed me (if I let it). But isn’t is strange that there might be a technological way to control hurricanes.

So there is work to be done. It’s time to roll up ourselves again.

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