Where the Boys Aren’t

USA Today reports in an unsigned article that

Currently, 135 women receive bachelor’s degrees for every 100 men. That gender imbalance will widen in the coming years, according to a new report by the U.S. Department of Education.

The article goes on to ask “What went wrong?” Pardon me? I resist the temptation to ask where they’ve been for the past 30 years. It appears that the nation of boys who are hurting — sad, afraid, angry, and silent has entered college.

Ann Althouse blogged just this week that many college educated women plan to stay home with their children. This may indeed be a good thing, but it also denotes opportunities that just aren’t there for young men. After all, men will leave campus as much in debt as women, statistically speaking. I expect that they would look for ways to address that debt. Wouldn’t you?

Sigh. I was going to write a screed decrying the feminist movement and the subsequent destruction of the university system in this country for men. But that’s unfair. The university is not a place for most men. It never was, nor was it meant to be. In the past 30 years, however, there has been an attempt to make the university a place for women. As an example, see this, from the Women’s Sports Foundation”

No law has meant more to women in sport than Title IX. With regard to collegiate educational opportunities for females, leveling the playing field has meant $372 million a year in college athletic scholarship funding and varsity sport opportunities for over 150,000 women. At the high school level, Title IX has provided the chance to play varsity sports for millions of high school girls. One of every 2.5 high school girls now participate in high school varsity sports (compared to 1 in 27 in 1972). This law has had a profound impact.

I was surprised to find this stat. From The NCAA Financial Aid web site, there were a total of 7665 women’s basketball scholarships awarded in 2005, and a total of 7061 men’s basketball scholarships. There were 1193 wrestling scholarships offered.

I doubt that Title IX or even the dissolution of many male sports teams on campuses across the nation (except those that generate revenue for the women’s sports), is the reason that men have abandoned the campuses, but it doesn’t help. I think there is a deeper problem here. Academia does not know what a college education is for. Academia has no idea what being an educated man means. Defining an education as mere job training while simultaneously handing the student a huge debt does not inspire someone who feels the need or has the ambition to enter the job market now, and offers little to someone who seeks more.

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