Grading the Reporters

How many died in the New Orleans Superdome in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina? Would you guess thousands? Several Hundred? Two hundred (as was reported to the LA National Guard)? I would have been shocked two weeks ago to find that the final number is six, but today I am not surprised. So what’s up with the reporters anyway? I think I agree with Roger L. Simon; the reporting has been part of an ongoing attempt to embarrass the Bush Administration.

Update: More from Michelle Malkin. I do believe that there’s an ongoing scandal with the way the Katrina aftermath was handled, but the finger is pointing at the press. It’s apparent that “Rathergate” is not the end (and probably not the beginning) of what used to be known as yellow journalism, and I fear that my generation was misled by Vietnam and Watergate to trust reporters much more than was warranted.

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