Intelligent Design

This topic is inevitable. I’ve started a post on Intelligent Design, but, being a firm believer that ‘if you can’t explain it in 25 words or less, you don’t understand it’, I’ve yet to make the post manageable. It’s a beast.

It’s not that I’m particularly un-opinionated on this topic; I’m not. I just discovered a great urge to tread lightly as soon as the post was started.
Bill Buckley writes not so much on Intelligent Design, but on the taboo manifested on Dartmouth’s campus by the discussion.

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3 Comments on “Intelligent Design”

  1. Pseudo-intellectual lunatic Says:

    i don’t think intelligent design would really make an impact. people who believe in psuedoscience are not likely to end up being phds. large cities won’t teach it. and the very few scientifically inclined people from say mississippi or kansas will probably go to schools that don’t teach it. if all goes badly (which it won’t) our great wealth allows us to buy all the indian and chineese students to compensate for our hatred of science both on the right (with outdated religous beliefs) and the left with their new age mysticism shit.

  2. Joe Says:

    You have a point here. But consider this – At least the proponents of Intellegent Design are trying to talk to sciencists in scientific terms. [New age mystics are simply not trying to reconcile their ideas and beliefs with anyone. They’re simply trying to satisfy some spiritual impulse with a degenrate form of paganism.]
    For me (trained as a scientist as I was), it’s the narrowness and arrogance of the rationalist thinker that stuns. It’s needless. As someone who enjoys political debate, the insident at Darthmouth is indicative of that same closed mind.

  3. Marvin Music Says:

    Intelligent design and new age mysticism are not science. They are religion. That’s what bugs me about this sort of stuff. Admittedly I may be somewhat inclined towards the “new age mysticism” stuff just from a “spiritual” stand point. But I don’t claim to know what the hell any of that really means. And it’s definitely not science.

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