The Two Questions That Should Never Be Asked

There are two questions that should never be asked in polite society, or better, he who asks should be terminated with extreme prejudice (Don’t hold back, Joe. Tell us what you really feel!).

The two questions are “Who are you?” and “What do you want.”

And why is that, you ask? Isn’t the link odd? Why do I link to a television Sci-Fi show? The two questions played an intregal part of the series, and were asked by two terrible, powerful alien races as they interrogated the human race to determine if they should be destroyed or uplifted.

Sigh. And that’s the rub. The questions are unanswerable, of course, for any answer given may be instantly rejected (or accepted, for that matter) at the whim of the interrogator. The answers given do not determine the result. This alone makes the questions unfair.

But Worse, I fear that these are St. Peter’s questions to us at the ‘perly gates’, or perhaps God’s questions to us on judgement day. No one should dare to ask them in this world.

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