Bad News Keeps on Rollin’ In

Today’s story is 20000 dead in S. Asian Earthquake. Eeeachhh! And just today our pastor asked us to remember the Central American victims of hurricane Stan. Not Katrina, not Rita, but Stan.

Sigh. Don’t think I’m experiencing any kind of empathy burnout, and (thank God) my situation is not so I can’t help more, if only by giving dollars. But ya know, I feel so weird about this. I’ve see way to much evidence since Sept. 11 that dollars given to victims of disasters are mis-directed, mis-spent, outright stolen and not getting to intended recipients. And even when dollars do get to the recipients, they’re too often wasted. $2000 credit cards/debit cards??? You’ve got to be joking.

What I would like to do to help with my own hands. But alas, I’m not competent to do so. I’m dangerous with power drills, and no one needs me to do that job. If I was to leave my job, life here for at least two of us would be, um tough (for ‘tough’, read ‘impossible’). Well, ok. As someone who considers helping others to be his duty, this is not supposed to be an excuse.

But I feel I have no good alternative to donating cash, and that feels like aiding and abetting.

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