How Much Can Change in One Week

A week ago I had worries – concerns about a personal matter – enough that I was praying for God’s help (and praying to accept his will, regardless). A week ago, a local radio talk show host I like was sounding almost despondent over the state of the Bush administration, what with the Harriette Miers nomination, the impending indictments, the continuing war in Iraq reaching 2000 US servicemen killed in action and economic fall out from hurricanes and gas shortages. He said that it seemed like there was no possibility that the administration could be effective from now until the 2008 elections, and was, in essence, a premature lame duck, and had even lost his conservative base. He solicited advice from the audience on what could be done.

Well, Miers has removed herself graciously from the nomination proceedings, and the indictments have amounted to a personal disaster for Scooter Libby, but not much more. The conservative base is about to joyously back a nominee that they like and trust and the war effort show ever more signs of succeeding, even beyond the boarders to Syria. I paid 75 cents a gallon less for gas this week than I did the first week in September.

And oh yes, God answered my prayers.

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2 Comments on “How Much Can Change in One Week”

  1. Ja Says:

    I love your posting. I am a true believer that life spins on a dime. Things change so quickly. What was so important one minute means nothing the mess. I have to remind myself all the time when I get in a tizzy over personal and business issues to the point that they paralize me in fear….let go and let God. It’s all about his will anyway. It took me quite a few years to realize I was trying to swim upstream but attempting to manipulate things in life. It is all such a waste of energy. It is so much easier to pray for his will.

    Hindsight is truly 20/20.


    ja crunk middlebrooks

  2. Joe Says:

    Things change so quickly.

    I’ll say! Sometimes I think back to when I thought I was having a particularly difficult time, and almost without exception I say to myself “Self? Why were you so worried then? Especially about that?”

    I appreciate what you say here, ja, but one point: I never found it easy to pray. Really, it was something I had to (re)learn. Um… actually it was humility I had to relearn the most.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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