Science and Faith

Lawrence Krauss writes in the NYT:

The apparent complexity of our universe has compelled some evangelists, and some school boards, to argue that the natural laws we have unraveled over the past four centuries cannot be enough on their own to explain the diversity of the phenomena we observe around us, including the remarkable diversity of life on earth.For very different reasons, but still without a shred of empirical evidence, a generation of theoretical physicists has speculated that the four dimensions of our experience may themselves be just a grand illusion – the tip of a cosmic iceberg.

Krauss continues on to speculate that the explanations (for life, the universe, & everything!) that science has given us may be telling us more about how the scientist is pre-disposed to see the world. Our brains work in such a way as to always try to find things that must forever be hidden in order to explain our existence and experience. In the extreme, he hints (but does not say) that we invent God as the final answer.
He also hints, but also does not say, that scientists always come to that point where they can explain no more, and make an identical leap to the next conclusion, the leap they cannot name, the leap of faith.
The Kansas board of education wants to permit Intelligent Design to be taught in the public schools. No, that’s not exactly correct. The Kansas board of education is responding to parents who want to prevent educators from claiming that evolution proves God does not exist. It does no such thing, of course, but poorly educated scientists (and even more poorly educated teachers) think it does. It’s not their ignorance of physics or biology that is the problem here; it’s their ignorance of metaphysics that’s leading them astray.

Hat tip to Ann Althouse for this.

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