Blogs That I DON’T Read Anymore

There are tons (ok, Tonnes, if you speak English) of blogs out there worth reading IF YOU HAVE THE TIME. You have the time? I don’t. There were so many that I enjoyed, and still might, but don’t bother with, that I thought a compendium of said blogs might be enlightening.

So here goes. The blogs I don’t consider worth my time anymore:
Atrios (well, actually, it’s called Eschaton) – Nine of every ten entries is an “open thread”, where Shakespere is mangled. The remaining post is vulgar, assumes you are a leftist and will follow his links anywhere to ‘get’ what he’s talking about, and generally assumes he (Duncan Black) is cool. His commenters vie with those of dKos as the least intelligent on the internet. Besides, he has no RSS feed.
Counterpunch – Alexander Cockburn’s little playpen is the home of what’s left of Ann Arbor’s Stalinist from 1976. It’s a little pathetic to see such rants in print, now that we’re past 1980.
Blonde Sense – You gotta love a man-hating feminist rant with vulgarity to spare. Pity they got rid of “Pissed off Patricia”, though. Her screeds were fun to laugh at.
The Progressive – Matthew Rothchild’s sandbox must be the only place online where Molly Ivans seems moderate. Let us sing the praises of John Kerry as he costs the democratic party yet another election.
Salon – This is the sad case of an online rag that once had literary pretensions. It fell short when it decided that Playboy was also a literary magazine. Joe Conason’s toy became a ‘pay-for’ that wasn’t worth the read when it was free.

Now lest you think that I’m picking only on left-wing blogs:
Oxblog – This blog, written by present and former Rhodes scholars, has been great in the past. It’s also been militantly middle of the road to the point of being mushy and self-contradictory, and is generally overlong. Sometimes I have loved it, other times it has bored me to within an inch of my life.
Front Page Mag is David Horowitz’s baby. He has a great story to tell, once. You will hear it again (and again and again) if you read the blog long enough. I still look for Ann Coulter there, and on occasion, Rich Lowery, but there’s too much there that is appealing to the college sophomore in everyman.
The Corner – Yes, it pains me to say it, but not much more than Jonah Goldberg’s entries are worth reading. It is blogging by (conservative) committee, tends to be self-referential closed club of insider conversations, and no comments allowed (which really stretches the purpose of blogs, IMHO). Now keep in mind that this is distinct from NRO itself, which is a fine compendium of conservative thought and articles.
The Daily Dish – Andrew Sullivan at his finest, and at his worst, and at his most one-dimensional. How one person can be so intellectually all over the place and still be such a ‘One-Note Charlie” is beyond me, and beyond most, I understand. To read him is to become frustrated, for he can write utter nonsense brillantly. He can also write utter nonsense badly. The great persuader had everyone believing for almost two years that he was a conservative supporter of Bush, until the election actually happened.

Hum… There are others, like Chaos Theory (too trashy) and The Cotillion (too silly), and even The Volokh Conspiracy (which one should read out of sense of duty, but is too long otherwise – another blog-by-committee) that I turn to every so often, but cannot stick with for the long term.

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