Now a Word From Our Sponsor

I was doing an errand recently, driving and listening (mindlessly) to a local talk radio station. The show was an interview with, of all things, someone who either made or analyzed advertising. To my amazement, the man enthusiastically described current trends in advertising, the moves to and from various media and where the “smart money” is today. At one point he pointed out that soon cell phones will carry ads to subsidize some of the costs of phone service. And he was happy about this! That woke me up.

How could anyone be happy about this? How could someone with a conscience be so self-satisfied with this prospect? This guy would put ads on the insides of my eyelids if he could. I had to turn off one TV station this morning when they ran the 10th commercial in a row. I spent five minutes on the next station, and saw two ads there before returning to Fox, which was either onto the next set of ads or continuing with the first. Either way, they just lost a viewer, and the sponsors lost a customer. I have to flip channels way too often on the TV and radio because of ads as it is. DVD? They start with ads now too. I don’t carry a cell phone. I don’t want hear ads on the phone. I don’t want to see ads in my mail box (it’s called junk mail for a reason). E-mail? Forget it – 90% spam. My eyelids are still ad-free, for the time being.

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