Congress Resurrects Mark Twain

“When Congress is in session, no man is safe!” – Mark Twain

On the inability of the House and Senate to reach a compromise on Immigration legislation, Ed Morrissey blames Democrats. I suspect there’s plenty of blame to go around. The money quote:

The filibuster threat came from angry Republicans whose attempts to amend the legislation to address issues like border security got blocked by Democrats attempting to pass an amnesty-only bill. When Republican Senators could not get their amendments to a vote, they pulled their support for the bill.

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One Comment on “Congress Resurrects Mark Twain”

  1. […] Like Mark Twain, Todd Zywicki (of The Volokh Conspiracy) and I are so glad right now that we have a do-nothing Congress in session right this very minute. The other day, I offered my view that Congress today is fundamentally a silly place stocked with silly people. This latest situation illustrates the principle. I don’t know whether Paulson and Bernanke are doing the right thing (I tend to think not). But I know for certain that I’d rather that they be making these decisions than Congress. […]

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