Stuff for the Week

I’ve been waaaaay too serious lately (Seriously? – ED. No! Rigelly, you dolt!). So rather than get all philosophical I thought that today I just might make fun of politics (yeah, yeah. Fish, Barrel, Bang!)

Ok, I’m done with the Roger L. Simon imitation.

First off, there’s going to be demonstrations in 60 U.S. cities this week, all in support of illegal immigration by Communists. Now that should be fun!

And this is the week that Cynthia McKinney should be charged. We’ll see if that happens.

And really, what does Robin Givhan add to the discussion anyway?

And speaking of adding to the discussion, our friendly Academic Elephant is surprised that she cares about Katie Couric becoming the CBS News anchor and 60 Minutes team member. Me? I’m a little surprised that anyone cares. No, no – I’m not being snide. I just didn’t think that anyone watched network news anymore. Really. If today a major disaster happened in, say New York or Washington DC., or if today O.J. drove a white Bronco through the streets of L.A., would your first reaction be to turn on CBS to see what Katie was saying? Or NBC or ABC for that matter? Even on Sept. 11, 2001, my first impulse was to check the internet. Of course, that was everyone else’s, too, and the internet was almost unusable. But so were the phones, if you recall.

And on the topic of the Main Stream Media, my Sunday habit is still to buy the Washington Post. But I don’t seem to be reading it much. After the front page and the opinion section, there may be a column or sports article that I get to, but that leaves an awful lot of the paper unread by the time recycling day comes around. The national news just seems old by the time I see it in the paper, the local news seems trite (and rarely news-worthy). I don’t trust the opinion pages at all (did you see this backlash piece in today’s Post?) and the comics… Ah the comics. After 40 years of reading it, I’m finally tired of Beetle Bailey. Once you’ve stopped reading the comics pages, is there really any reason to buy the paper ‘dead tree form’?

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