More on Global Warming

Sheesh. Just when I started thinking there actually was some little consistence evidence that, regardless of source, there was measurable global warming, it turns out that there probably isn’t.

A former classmate from my undergraduate days, (many, many years ago), was interviewed on John Bachelor’s radio show on Fri. Apr. 7. From his web site:

Sallie Baliunas is an astrophysicist formerly affiliated with the Mount Wilson Institute. Her awards include the Newton Lacey Pierce Prize by the American Astronomical Society, the Petr Beckman Award for Scientific Freedom and the Bok Prize from Harvard University. In 1991 Discover magazine profiled her as one of America’s outstanding women scientists

Actually, she was deputy director at Mt. Wilson, and Discover Magazines Woman Scientist of the Year. What she has to say on global warming and the science behind it is worth hearing. In short she contends that science is just now beginning to recognize the inconstancy of the sun (what a concept! An inconsistent sun!) and that truly muddles the picture on global warming. My impression is that the picture would be muddled even without that extra complication.

If an mp3 of the interview becomes available, I will post a link to it.

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