Just what is going on here? Not one, not two, but three of my favorite bloggers are now spending time blogging that most ridiculous show, American Idol. Worse, they all seem to like it!

From Ann Althouse:

After the break, we learn that Elliott and Taylor were actually the middle group. That makes sense, doesn’t it, because of Chris? Chris and Kat are seated.

And it’s Kellie who’s leaving! America got it right!

Aw, but she was very sweet. I think she got a little tired. Someone ought to build a sitcom around her character. We love her as a comedienne.

I don’t think so! Sigh – The world does not need any more ersatz Gospel singing Britney wannabies, whether they’re professional singers pretending to be amateurs, or amateurs trying to be professional. America certainly doesn’t need the spaced-out antics of Paula Abdul, or the weird, British misanthropy of Simon Cowell.

In general, the contestents do not have talent worth watching, the premise of the show (“Come get yer 15 minutes of fame right-cher!”) is not worth airing on network television, and the show, which now apparently features brawls between the judges and between the judges and the host, disgusting.

And I just realized what I dislike most about the show – It’s a reality soap opera! The worst of all possible television worlds.

Maybe I shouldn’t hold back so much and tell you how I really feel about it?

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