English Only

I’m not one who ever thought that English should be the ‘official’ language of the US. My own grandfather could barely understand English (Hey! I just thought he was a very quiet guy!). But at the same time, I grow extremely tired of of the “Press 1 for English” automated answering systems, the ATMs that do not default to English at the bank, and most particularly, the bi-lingual packaging for almost all items in the stores. Enough. The melting pot not only works, it serves to create better people. The first requirement must be to learn English.

See The Captain:

Does anyone else see the humor in the inability of the World’s Greatest Deliberative BodyTM to agree on which phrase in English best suuports its desirability? In fact, the two phrases don’t even contradict each other, so the dissonance between the two amendments is non-existent. The national language can also be considered common and unifying; the two are hardly mutually exclusive but rather almost axiomatically linked.

That didn’t keep Harry Reid from declaring the amendments “racist”. Apparently the Senator from Nevada has some information that proves an inability of certain ethnicities to learn English, a shortcoming that has never before occurred in anyone’s experience. This proves that the Senate may want to brush up on its own English, since the Minority Leader (heh) has no clue as to the epithet he tossed out so casually — and a sentiment with which a significant number of his own caucus obviously disagreed.

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