Recipe For A Galaxy

1) Start with a large blob of dark matter
2) Add one supermassive black hole
3) Stir Well

Well, it seems almost that simple. Probably the second most un-understood part of the universe is dark matter (dark energy being the most un-understood). It very easily could be very ordinary stuff (you know, the electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms and molecules we’re made of) that for some reason is just not giving off or reflecting as much light as we normally get from matter. It’s possible, you know. The amount of light something gives off depends upon a lot of different factors, like it’s density, temperature, physical configuration and whatever-the-heck is between it and us.
It’s also possible that dark matter is completely different stuff that we don’t have here in great amounts. Whatever it is, it’s known that there is about five or six times more dark matter in the visible universe (by mass) than “normal” matter. Gotta be, ’cause there just isn’t enough normal matter around to hold galaxies together (unless, of course, we’re really, really wrong about physics, in which case your computer isn’t working right now, your car, vaccuum and toaster don’t work, and I wouldn’t exactly trust that bridge you drove over yesterday either, ’cause they all came about because of our understanding of physics).

Now the European Space Organization’s Very Large Telescope has identified a large blog of under-luminous stuff that is associated with a forming galaxy.

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