An Internet Food Fight

OOooohhhh! This is just too good.

Some background: Jeff Goldstein writes an excellent conservative blog, Protein Wisdom, which apparently drives leftists nutz. It’s his style, I think.

Anyway, one Deborah Frisch, (who is Deb and south(west)paw in the comments), doesn’t like him at all. (She also doesn’t like blogger Steven Bainbridge, and yes, she is an internet stalker). Jeff’s blog went down today (Sat. July 8) due to a dDOS (distributed Denial of Service) attack, apparently brought about by Ms. Deborah’s supporters, and he’s just come back. She’s received some criticizm in return and has had to apologize (well, sort-of) and has resigned her position at the University of Arizona for threatening Jeff Goldstein’s two year old child on his blog (see the first link).

I’m not surprised that she’s written for the Trotskite site Counterpunch.

Frish is about to become an internet verb, much like the verb “to fisk”.

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