Are We Getting Healthier?

This may be a new kind of evolution. Or, at least, it’s a new understanding. According to this Times article, humans as a species are not only taller, bigger and more long-lived than just a century and a half ago, many chronic ailment, such as lung disease and heart disease, are occurring decades later than they used to. That’s not something that can be explained entirely by better medical treatment (better medical treatment of these ailments starts after the disease begins).

The proposed reasons are as unexpected as the changes themselves. Improved medical care is only part of the explanation; studies suggest that the effects seem to have been set in motion by events early in life, even in the womb, that show up in middle and old age.

Ever since baby-boomers discovered the hula-hoop, they’ve been doing things together in large numbers. Now they’re turning 60 in historically very large numbers, and apparently, in about forty more years, a bunch of us will be hitting 100 together. We’ll probably all go to the Rolling Stones 45th farewell tour together that summer.

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