Colin Powell for President?

No, he’s not running, and I suspect that he never will. There was a time when I would have voted enthusiastically for the man, but the former head of the State Department is in the news for the second time in two weeks. And it didn’t take too much reading between the lines to get me to raise an eyebrow.

Here’s the run down. Richard Armitage was revealed to be at the center of the so-called Plame scandal, and Colin Powell was his boss in the State Dept. at the time. The only important question left about the scandal is why Powell kept quiet about it for so long, because he certainly knew about the leak (and where it came from), and the unresolved story only hurt the administration.

Now, this week, the lead story of many media outlets was about Pakistani President Musharraf’s statement that he was told by officials in the State Dept. the US would bomb his country back into the stonage if his country did not help (after 9/11/01).

This stuff is known as “closely held information”, and Musharraf would not have said it unless he was given the ok by the administration. According to A.J. Astrata:

Richard Armitage and Colin Powell are reaping some just desserts from their three year silence on the Plame affair. It seems Pakistani President Musharraf was given the green light to express some closely held information he had on the strong arm threats by the State Department after 9-11. Contrary to popular opinion, it seems it was the State Department under Powell and Armitage that was rattling the sabers and threatening countries with annihilation – if the story Musharraf is now expressing is true. Were Powell and Armitage running amok at State?

The Anchoress asks some interesting questions.

How come no one ever asks Colin Powell about any of this? Shouldn’t we? Given these issues, shouldn’t there maybe even be an investigation into how State was run during his tenure?

As Instapundit would say, read the entire thing.

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