The Long Struggle

No, not what President Bush talked about – the long struggle against terrorism. Some struggles go on longer than the mere wars between nations, and some longer than nations themselves. My instinct tells me that Pope Benedict XVI knows this, and Ed Morrissey agrees.

[T]hose outraged Muslim leaders should perhaps stop worrying about 600-year-old dialogues and tend to their own failings. Pope Benedict has remained steadfast on this point, and he should press the point by talking about the oppression of Christians in these countries more openly.

Somewhere, many years ago, I heard a quote that went something like “Freud said that sex drove the direction of mankind, Marx said it was economics that served as the engine of men’s actions. Nitchze said that it was religion. Of the three, Nitchze was the most correct.” We live in an era that seems destined to prove the point.

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