Ashamed of America

As they say in Linux-ville, WTF? Jeralyn Merritt writes in the Washington Examiner

I am ashamed of the United States today. These raids remind me of World War II when the Japanese were rounded up and put into interment camps. The policy is no more acceptable today than it was then.

Among other things, Ms. Merritt supports the elimination of criminal sanctions for “immigration violations”. I, for one, don’t see how illegal immigration can be tolerated and even encouraged by our corporations. If there is reason to liberalize the immigration laws to permit more legal immigration (and I think there is, btw), then by all means, let’s do that. If you think so, then advocate for it. Corporations that need skilled or unskilled laborers to fill job slots at a rate they think the market can afford can advocate for more liberal immigration laws (and have, in fact, done so in the past).

But ignoring and disobeying (and not enforcing) the law is not an answer, and not an option.

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