The Rest of the World

We are (or, at least, I am) so concerned about happenings in this country and, currently, happenings in the mid-east that we tend to forget about some major parts of the globe. The MSM is complicit in this, of course.

Today I found this blog entry, which nicely connects the recent history of Russia (after the collapse of communism) with its (lack of) religion and surfeit of Vodka. Definitely +1 Insightful. It quotes Stanley Kurtz at length:

Our modern battle between religion and secularism is generally posed as a choice between the left-liberal secularism of Europe (and parts of “blue” America), on the one hand, and “red” American religiosity on the other. The Russian case needs to become part of this debate.

The press constantly reminds us about the Islamization of Europe, but the secularization of Russia should be at least a pressing concern.

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