Anglican/Episcopalian Split?

Over at Get Religion there are two informative entries on the vote in two Northern Virginia Episcopal Churches in which

a small percentage of American Episcopalians are trying to rebel against their national church. This is one way to express the conflict. The other is that the national Episcopal Church is rebelling against the overwhelming majority of the world’s Anglicans, when it comes to issues of biblical authority, church tradition and sexual morality.

The issues are, to put it bluntly, sex and money (well, property, anyway). But Catholics should keep vigil on this for three reasons. First, Pope John Paul the Great spent a good deal of energy in ecumenical efforts with the Anglican Church, and we do not know how these events affect his works. Second, there are parallels in the differences between the worldwide Anglican Communion and their American (Episcopal) counterparts and the differences between the Vatican and the American Catholic Bishops (though I admit that to my outsider’s P.O.V. the former seems much more serious than the latter, currently) which may contain lessons for us all.

Finally, we should pay attention to these events to watch God’s Will unfold even as we pray for the reunification of his Universal Church. We should do this because these are our brothers and sisters.

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