Chickens and Eggs

It’s reported that a new poll shows the young are apathetic about space. Some blame Google.

I didn’t realize that there ever was much interest in space, actually. Really. Outside of a few Sci-Fi fans and dreamers, who but the military really showed much interest, even at the height of the Apollo moon landings? (Yeah, I’m talking about you, Mike Robinson, when you said in 1969 “Ok, we landed on the Moon. Now lets spend that money on the earth.”)

I understand that. Space is (generally) not profitable. Only satellite TV has found gold in them thar particular hills, and not much of it, for the effort. There will be plenty of interest in space travel to the Moon, or to Mars or anywhere it’s demonstrated that a good buck can be made. But so far, it can’t.

So all we have to do is send enough people and stuff up there so that it (it being industry our industriousness) becomes possible. See in the dictionary under “Chicken and Egg Problem”.

It’s like 1951, when Eisenhower realized that what this country needed was a good set of highways, even before the industry to use them (and pay for them) didn’t exist.

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