The Universe Is So Big, It Must Be Filled With Intelligent Life, Right?

Well, if this Slashdot discussion is any indication, the answer is still “probably not”. Really. I don’t think that the best way to convince someone of your argument is to dismiss theirs out of hand. Bad strategy.

The links are interesting, though. The Fermi Paradox is the oft-quoted question (by the late Enrico Fermi, of course), posed in 1950 that asks If extraterrestrials are so common, then where are they? It’s not so simple to come up with a good answer as it seems (and to think that it is simple to do that is the debate equivalent of underestimating your enemy in battle. It’s something you really don’t want to do). Here’s a flavor from the linked Space Review Article:

Webb’s 50th solution is the one that he believes is the most likely. Unfortunately for extraterrestrial enthusiasts, the solution is depressingly pessimistic: “…the only resolution of the Fermi paradox that makes sense to me—is that we are alone.” Webb’s preferred solution is highly controversial, but it satisfies Ockham’s razor; out of all the Fermi paradox explanations, it is the simplest one.

This is a long, but detailed explanation of some of the difficulties presented by the Fermi Paradox. Well worth the read! Enjoy.

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