Pardon My Silence

…but I’m not not writing for want of things to blog about. Indeed, there’s been way too much to blog about this past week. Can’t keep up. And I have a real life, don’t ya know.

Firstly, there was New Horizons rounding Jupiter. The data are far from in (NH was design to take alot of data quickly and send them back slowly, which is optimal for Pluto), and already the photos are stunning.

And then there was The Jesus Tomb, about which, the less said, the better.

Anyone who bothers to read me already knows that I’m not impressed with either the science behind “global warming” or the people who have been noisiest about it. But I am impressed with their lack of imagination, their disrespect for the law of unintended consequences, and the opacity of their blinders.
I once heard an economist say, in the early ’80s, that if you love inflation, you’ll be positively thrilled with the effects of deflation. The same idea applies to GW. If you think GW is something, you’ll really like global cooling.

There was an interesting challenge from Instapunk, to quantify the amount of (what’s generally accepted as) foul language on the left side of the blogosphere vs. the right side. The results were not unexpected.

Lastly, pundit Ann Coulter was videoed at the CPAC conference in Wash D.C. insulting presidential candidate John Edwards in a derogatory manner. The fallout directed at her has not been pretty. Most of it, unsurprisingly, is coming from the right.

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