Tragedy and the Press

There is nothing I or anyone can say that properly expresses the dismay we’ve all felt at times of tragedy (that’s the realm of poets). And today’s tragedy at Virginia Tech is no exception.

But at 2:30 eastern, some 6 hours after the first reports of the shootings, noticed that there were no reports from either the MSM or from bloggers that came close to answering some real questions:
Was there more than one gun-man?
There were reports early that the school was not locked down after the first shootings. Is that true?
Was this a terrorist attack?
Why was the press not saying that it did not have the answers to these questions, but were looking for the answers?
Why was the press asking incredibly inane questions like “Would more gun control laws have helped?”

Bloggers seemed to be either ignoring the story (or politely waiting until they had real information) or providing forums for others to speculate, sometimes irrationally and stupidly.

Disappointment all around.

I pray for the victims, their families, friends, and for the survivors.

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