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The AstroWife and I just returned from a trip to Georgia and Alabama, and for nearly the entire time, I had the radio tuned to a country music station. That’s definitely not my habit at home – I’m way too much into talk radio. I was told by a friend about 15 years ago that Country music is awfully similar to the pop/rock we grew up with in the 60s. I believed it then. Structurally, it’s not all that dissimilar. Musically, I think it fits the same niche (and if you’re my skeptical brother and need proof, try here, and click on the link for Room to Grow, and select Free Man in Paris).

And certainly, what has passed for pop/rock these past few years no long fills that niche. Rap/Hip-Hop is never going to be my cup-‘o-tea, even if there is the occasional bit of cleverness to be found there. and I stopped listening to the pop-charts at about the time the pop-tarts came into power.

One song I did hear about 1,287 times in two hours was Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats (the link might play on your OS, but you need Windows DRM). When I got back home, it was playing on a “pop” station, so it’s officially crossed over.


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There is one outstanding characteristic of the Country music that I heard over the weekend that has me puzzled. It seemed like “every” song done by a male was either patriotic-uplifting, or a love song to his wife/best-woman (and children) or car, or occasionally, even religious. “Every” song done by a woman was, at minimum, suggestive (awwww – tell me that one is fun-cute!) or soap-opera-ish. Not they’re stereo-typing themselves, or something. I’m just sayin’…

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