26 Myths

Interesting read by Michael Le Page.
But not exactly correct either.

Is it true that Ice cores show CO2 increases lag behind temperature rises, disproving the link to global warming is a myth? Well others disagree.

Over the last 150,000 years, CO2 levels have closely paralleled temperatures. However, detailed analysis indicates that CO2 levels often rose and peaked several hundred years after temperature did. That means climate change drives major changes in CO2, not the reverse.

It’s a myth that cosmic rays affect the climate (“There is no convincing evidence that cosmic rays are a major factor determining cloud cover”)? Really? Scientists have observed strong correlations between the fluctuation of cosmic rays and changes in local environments.

You say It’s a myth that the hockey stick diagram has been proven wrong?
Well let’s see what others say about that!

Oh, and one I’m personally familiar with, the alleged myth that the warming of Mars and Pluto disprove anthropomorphic global warming is odd on so many levels it isn’t even wrong (to coin a phrase – NOT!).
Well, it would be merely wrong if Mars wasn’t undergoing a sudden global warming (it is.) Or if anyone (but anyone!) had associated the lack of observations of Plutonian atmospheric freeze-out with solar flux – nobody ever claimed anything except that we didn’t understand Pluto’s atmosphere enough to know exactly when it would freeze out. And so far, it looks like it hasn’t). Except that he might have meant Neptune… Sigh.

I haven’t gone through the other “myths” in Le Page’s article, but if this is how he’s fairing in the ones I’m more than casually acquainted with, he won’t do well under a close examination.

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