Same World, Different Planet

I’ve written (and won’t recapitulate) about my immigrant grandparents, and couldn’t help but think about them throughout yesterday’s hub-bub about the immigration compromise that has come out of Washington. I’m sure they’d be amused.

I’m struck by a number of things, especially the way immigration simply hasn’t registered on the left half of the blogosphere. I see very little (and mostly tepid comments by Black) at Eschaton about it. Apparently, Paul Wolfwitz is a much bigger story to him. And I saw nothing except some mentions of the compromise in the comment sections of Moulitis’ front page, in an open thread, where Attorney General Gonzales is a much more important topic.

But Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, John at Powerline and the folks at NROL have all but declared a national state of emergency.

Not that conservatives are in complete agreement against the compromise. Ed Morrissey at the Captain’s Quarters and The Anchoress caution patience and, well caution. But at least, to them it’s something worth reporting. On the left, not so much.

But more than anything else, I’m struck by the complete cluelessness of the the politicians. Yesterday I listened for an hour to a radio show (archived shows are downloadable. I did this at home) where the host asked each called to personally address their senator or senators and tell them exactly what they felt about the idea. He told the listeners up front (and often) that this was going to be turned into a CD and sent to the four senators in the listening area. There was no rancor, and there was a surprising amount of intelligence (much more than I hear routinely on C-Span, btw). I suspect strongly that the politicians got an earful. I heard later today that many were taken by surprise.

How is that? Could they really be so out of touch with their constituency?

You betchya.

This compromise, made behind closed doors with more representatives of La Raca present than representatives of the public has no chance of becoming law. It took them, the pols, less than 24 hours to figure that out. The only question is, what next?

I believe the politicians heard that the public at large does not want this to be a law. But they did not hear that the public does not want illegal immigrants in the country’s factories, and worry about the effects of the children of illegal immigrants in their schools. When their own children are sick they don’t want to wait hours in emergency room lines and they don’t want to hit 2 for options in Spanish. I’m pretty sure they’re sanguine Illegal immigrants voting in elections. I believe they think the War in Iraq is the only issue of importance to the 2008 elections.

They’re wrong about that. The War in Iraq may be a political problem this year, but the War On Terror is going quite well, and won’t be so much of an issue. Gas prices are high, but the economy is doing quite well. The chart above is a ten year graph of the Dow Jones 30-Industrials. See the 1998-2000 bubble? It’s followed by the shallow recession at the beginning of the George Bush’s first term. What follows that is a little scary, but only because it’s hard to believe it’s so good. IOW, the economy is not an issue, and won’t be next year. Global warming is now being recognized as over-hyped. It’s not an issue either.

Pet food, now that’s an issue people worry about. But which candidate is talking about that?

No, the politicians are fumbling around like amateurs, except perhaps those not yet in the race.

Update: I should know better than to underestimate these people. While I and other amateur political junkies were fixated on the immigration issue, Congress was hard at work raising our taxes. Coincidence? I think not.

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