Name Dropping (Sort-of)

New Horizons has put out a new podcast (#4), with some fantastic footage of early Jupiter fly-by results.

I’m grinning at the moment, because I’m intimately familiar with most of the people and rooms in this video, and spent a lot of late-night hours running simulations and tests of the autonomous-control software using those work-stations running STOL. Adrian Hill was my tech. lead, Nick Pinkine my friend/co-worker, Tim Miralles (who’s name is not given) very much a co-sufferer and friend, Valerie Mallder, former task-lead and friend, is shown briefly, and of course, the big-wigs like Hal Weaver and Alan Stern himself. Alice Bowman (the first female face shown) sends me weekly updates to this day.

BTW, expect Ganymede pictures to come soon.

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