Cyber Attack

This is a report circulated in the BBC.

Estonia, one of the most internet-savvy states in the European Union, has been under sustained attack from hackers since the ethnic Russian riots sparked in late April by its removal of a Soviet war memorial from Tallinn city centre.

There are other reports:
The Daily Mail (UK).
Zone-H (quoting the Sydney Morning Herald).
E.U. Politics Today (free headlines and synopsis only).
The Telegraph (U.K.)

The N.Y. Times? The Washington Post? Bueller? Anyone?

Ah, there it is, posted in that widely noted daily, the Seattle Post Intellegencer. You don’t think this is a big story?

Estonia’s defense minister said Thursday the massive cyber attacks that have crippled the high-tech country’s Web sites are a threat to national security, and that it’s possible the Russian government was behind them.

Defense Minister Jaak Aaviksoo said about 1 million computers worldwide were used over more than two weeks to attack government and corporate Web sites in the Baltic country, which is engaged in a bitter dispute with Moscow over Estonia’s removal of a Soviet-era war memorial from downtown Tallinn.

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