Guitar Greats

There’s a lot of good guitar players around. There’s a lot of great ones. If you make your list of all time greats, you have to include Clapton (of course), Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan (not to mention Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana).

If your tastes in guitar greats runs towards the blues, you can’t not list B.B. King and Buddy Guy. If you appreciate old-style country, then you know Chet Atkins.

Some on my list aren’t often considered “guitar players”, but are generally underestimated because of other talents – Paul Simon comes to mind, as does James Taylor.

Some have “cult followings”, like Richard Thompson, whose playing I appreciate, but whose music is just too melancholy for my tastes. Or Danny Gatton (just try any of the samples on this page. I suggest Harlem Nocturne first).

But world wide, there’s been only one considered the best in the world. And up until his death in 1987, that man was Andres Sagovia. Until now I hadn’t bothered to pay attention to whom his successor might be. But it might be John Mclauglin (playing here, with his wife, Katia Labeque).

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