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How To Be a Good Samaritan

July 28, 2007

Help your fellow man. Do not be passive and let others do what you could have, and should have done when action was needed.

However, if you see flying Imams, there are those who think you should sit passively, lest you commit religious profiling. Some of these, unfortunately, are congressmen.

The Good Samaritan in this case, as in the original, wasn’t Christian. It was Sen. Joe Lieberman.


Not Having a Good Week

July 27, 2007

Not me – NASA.

But between drunk astronauts and sabotaged computers, and embezzlement, I have a gut feeling (and no more than a gut feeling, mind you – I know nothing) that there is a lot less to all this then meets the eye. From Kenneth Chang in the NYT:

For those hoping for juicy details on the drunk astronauts, there aren’t any. The review panel was told of anecdotes of two astronauts who were intoxicated just prior to flight. However, the panel did not pass on information identifying the individuals or the flights. NASA officials said they were investigating but could not say whether the incidents actually occurred.

I don’t want to come off as an apologist for NASA, but this is their side of the story.

How It Really Works

July 20, 2007

Politicians have been looking more than a little – foolish – lately. That’s a shame, because we’d all like to think that our law makers (and law enforcers and law interpreters for that matter) are essentially professional (or at least, competent) in the conduct of their jobs.

But every so often one comes along and demonstrates real mastery of the process.

Of course, the demonstration of professionalism comes only by way of comparison to the boobs around him…


July 20, 2007

Today (07/20/07) is, of course, the 38th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

And yesterday was the 18 month anniversary of the launch of New Horizons. It has only 2,915 days left before closest approach to that icy world (notice how I cleverly avoided the “Is Pluto a Planet?” question? Smart – ed).

Lastly, N.H. is scheduled to be at closest approach late on 7/12/15, making it just one week less than 8 years to zero hour…

Right Question, Wrong Answer

July 19, 2007

From the “I read it so you don’t have to.” file, the psudonominous Jersey Cynic at BlondeSense asks the proverbial question: Why are children today so unhappy?

Our homes are crammed with labour-saving devices and electronic entertainment that previous generations couldn’t even dream of. Surely our children should be growing happier every year?

Well, at least she’s asking the right questions now.
Julie, here offers an answer.

Is Ethanol Justifiable?

July 18, 2007

With the help of Victor Davis Hanson and Iain Murray, Rand Simberg makes a point about the idiocy incongruity of using food crops to power the very machines that made the crops possible in the first place.

I do wonder what Norman Borlaug thinks of that.

The Women in the ’08 Presidential Race

July 18, 2007

As noted by Instapundit, Don Stuber of the has done a wonderful and insightful piece on the women who have already made such an impact on the ’08 presidential race. I’m sure they will continue to do so.