Ed Morrissey asks if too much pork pulled down the I-35W bridge. He decides “No”.

Also, the bridge just got inspected in May, less than three months before its collapse. No one skipped inspecting the bridge, and pork barrel projects didn’t interfere with the inspection schedule.

Maybe I’ve been watching The Sopranos on DVD too much, but I’m not so sure that I don’t see a connection.

Yes, the bridge was inspected just three months ago, and yes, it had been inspected regularly since it’s construction 40 years ago. But you know, you can inspect it all you want. Inspections don’t do a thing to keep the bridge standing. Regular maintenance and repair does that.

As with the levies in New Orleans, how can you say that the billions of $s we (as taxpayers) have poured into the transportation system since World War II have been spent properly? The answer is, you can’t. You can only say that the amount of mismanagement, corruption and downright incompetence has been “acceptable”, and then, only acceptable in the sense that these kind of disasters don’t happen frequently.

I haven’t decided what “too frequently” is yet. I smell in the air that the American voting public is thinking about that number.

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