The Right Thing, The Wrong Reason?

If Douglas LeBlanc at has reported this correctly (and I think he has), then I’ve just seen a very good reason to stick with the Mass said in the vernacular – some who want to return to the Latin Mass are real idiots.
Sorry – that wasn’t very Christian, or even Catholic. But then again, Lisa Cullen doesn’t appear to want to adhere very closely to Catholic teaching, even while professing faith.

Look in the dictionary under “Cafeteria Catholic”, and I’m sure you’ll find her picture. Here, I was going to quote from the Cullen article, but the best lift is the one chosen by LaBlanc above, so RTHT.

Let’s recap, boys and girls. The Mass was changed in form, if not in content, back in the mythical ’60s. At first, the changes were overdone, and the results were an aesthetic mess that couldn’t compete with the older version, known as the Tridentine (and colloquially as the Latin) Mass, and many people left the faith using the change as an excuse. Ultimately, the liturgical excesses were mitigated, and those congregants who remained (or, as in my case, returned) found that there were treasures exposed in broad daylight that had be formally hidden in mists, and wisdom spoken plainly that had once been incantations.

There’s no denying the beauty of the Tridentine Mass, and there should be no denial of the ability of the new rite to reach the masses. I firmly believe that Pope Benedict wants to emphasize the best of both, and is working hard to do just that. I really hope the attempt succeeds.

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