There is a rapper-based Stop Snitchin’ movement extant. Some high-profile rappers, like one named Immortal Technique, have been interviewed and quoted as saying that “he wouldn’t cooperate with the police under any circumstances, even if, for example, he’d witnessed an innocent old woman in his neighborhood get murdered.”

Um… ok. When I was young and terminally stupid, I believed that snitching was one of the worst things you could do. You simply didn’t ‘rat’ on your brother or your friend, no matter who was asking the questions (like, your parents or teachers, for instance).

I sorta-kinda understand my train of thought now, but it was based on a fallacy – that you never knew if the “authority” in question was friend or foe, good guy or bad. That’s short hand for not knowing for sure grown-up really had the other’s best interest at heart. Of course, in the case of parents, and even teachers, that’s generally (if not completely, 100%) a ridiculous stance to take. But youngters don’t know that – they’re ignorant and stupid (and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

Now, of course, I hope and pray for children who see something going on with their friends and keep it too themselves, as encouraged by Immortal Technique and others. People will die because of that encouragement.

But then, how to deal this?

Late last month, the House Judiciary Committee held hearings on the death of the Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year-old Atlanta woman killed by police during a November 2006 drug raid on her home.

Johnston died when she mistook a team of narcotics officers for criminal intruders. When the police broke down her door, she met them with an old pistol. They opened fire, and killed her.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the entire chain of events up to and shortly after Johnston’s death were beset with lies, planted evidence, and cover-up on the part of the narcotics cops. They fabricated an imaginary informant to get the search warrant for Ms. Johnston’s home. They planted evidence on a convicted felon, arrested him, then let him off in exchange for his tip—which he made up from whole cloth—that they’d find drugs in Ms. Johnston’s house.

When they realized their mistake, they then tried to portray an innocent old woman as a drug dealer. They planted marijuana in Ms. Johnston’s basement while she lay handcuffed and bleeding on the floor.

More investigation revealed that this kind of behavior wasn’t aberrant, but common among narcotics officers in the Atlanta Police Department. Police Chief Richard Pennington eventually dismissed or reassigned the entire narcotics division of the APD.

The corrupt “authorities” essentially murdered and tried to post-humously frame an innocent elderly woman for a crime so that they could cover up the set-up of a convicted felon in an attempt to make him snitch.

Does it get worse than this?

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