On Dark Matter(s)

No, this is not another post on Catholicism, but an astronomy post.

One of the more interesting developments in astronomy over the past 25 years or so has been the mounting evidence of the existence of dark matter – stuff that interacts with normal stuff just like normal stuff does, gravitationally speaking. It’s otherwise just very hard to detect. Oh, that’s not quite right. Back when I was a student it was a common joke to note that the universe could be filled with basketballs and astronomers would have almost no way to detect them, ever. Basketball stars were the in thing. What’s been really surprising is how much of it needs to be there to match the observations.

Since the ’90s (and HST), dark matter has been a generally accepted concept and almost an article of faith. Yet here’s a report that (more than) hints we don’t know what’s going on very well.

The gist is that dark matter and normal matter are supposed to interact in well understood ways. Yet here is an example (and also, a report of another) where they just aren’t.

That’ll put a crimp in your theory!

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