How to Win Friends… or Not

What did Jonah do to deserve this?

Well, not much – nothing specific, anyway. His latest in the LA Times is pretty innocuous. He did say this, however:

Feh. “Web 2.0” is a nothing but a buzz phrase designed to make money for people who use phrases like “Web 2.0.” There’s no disputing that liberals have taken the lead on the Web in recent years. Sites such as Daily Kos and have become formidable clearinghouses for activism and fundraising. As a result, every Democratic presidential candidate kowtows to the netroots crowd. It’s also true that the Republican National Committee and conservative activists are playing catch-up.

And apparently, that was enough. In his 2400 word (about 5 page) screed, I don’t think this pseudonymous “Hunter” pointed to any one thing to support his argument (such as it is), but instead resorted to one, incredibly long ad-hominum. But I’m not 100% sure about that because he put me to sleep before I got to the end. Boring.

And of course, the kos-kids once again did their fine impressions of mindless robots and joined in on the fun, stupidly turning their wrath on Goldberg’s mother and daughter.

Oh yeah – these are our elites. Sure they are.

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