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…Since the Big One

September 29, 2007

Six years ago, astronomers accidentally spotted a huge explosion in space. That’s not new (nor is it news – happens nearly every day, actually). But this one was just a bit different – it expended all it’s energy in about 5 one-thousandths of a second.

No previously-detected cosmic radio burst has the same set of characteristics. “This burst represents an entirely new astronomical phenomenon,” Bailes said.[…]

Although the nature of the mysterious new object is unclear, the astronomers have some ideas of what may cause such a burst. One idea is that it may be part of the energy released when a pair of superdense neutron stars collide and merge. Such an event is thought by some scientists to be the cause of one type of gamma-ray burst, but the only radio emission seen so far from these has been from the long-lived “afterglow” that follows the original burst.

Now that’s new!


I’m Sure This Is A Coincidence

September 27, 2007

Just yesterday I pointed you to The Anchoress as she noted reports of the link between the May day immigration rallies of 2006 and billionaire George Soros.

Earlier, I had been noting the adventures of NASA’s James Hansen as his use and abuse of raw temperature data has come into question.

What I didn’t know yesterday, but do now, is that there is a connection.

Update: Now two days after the original post (see above), I find that still more people are blogging on these links to Soros. Much to my surprise, this time it’s it’s a ‘progressive’ who’s wondering what’s up. This my be the last time to do this for this particular source, but I advise that you read the comments.

Waddya Know?

September 25, 2007

The Anchoress sees farther than most, and has (once again) put it to words, marvelously.

I have been loath to write about the ‘08 election because the campaigns began too soon. But it is not too early to say that I cannot recall a more urgent or important election in my lifetime. The ‘08 election is going to be the one that determines whether the America you love will be recognizable in twenty years. I know I’m not alone in thinking so.

Do you want to know what is going on? She knows. She’s telling.

I Can Wait

September 25, 2007

Christopher Hitchens muses about the possibility of Al Gore running for president.
Sure. Why not. There’s been plenty of complaints from the left about the (low) caliber of the democrat field of candidates. There are KosKids out there urging him to run.

And the Republican version of Al Gore is clearly Newt Gingrich. There’s plenty of desire on both sides of the political fence to reshuffle the deck.

There shouldn’t be. From where I stand there are more than enough candidates with distinct (and sometimes even nuanced) positions on both the left and the right to serve the electorate just fine. There’s no lack of choices.

The problem, it appears, is that no one candidate is positioned on all issues exactly where all the votes what him to be. Rudy is fine on the War on Terror (say Republicans), but very suspect on social issues. “No” say the Democrats. “It’s the other way around. Hillary has got the best position on ‘the war’.” “WHAT??? Are you kidding me?” shouts And the Buchanan paleocons respond “Of course Hillary is correct on this issue. We should be out of VietN… uh, the Mid-East entirely.”

And so it goes for all the candidates on all the important issues of the day, it seems.

My take is that it’s just too early to be campaigning. This is where we should be in approximately one year from now. By that time, both Al Gore and Newt Gingrich will have had time to decide to run (or not). And that’s fine with me. Until then, this long campaign season only gives them more time to make that fatal mistake…

Could It Be a Plant?

September 25, 2007

I was surprised to find this Kos diary this morning. The title is extremely misleading. The comments, however, are more telling than is the original post.

Poor, Poor Lawyer!

September 25, 2007

At TaxProf Blog, a pointer to the Wall St. Journal about the plight of recent law-grads entering into the real world, with perhaps a bit more debt than they can handle.

Supply and demand is not just a good idea. It’s the law.

Hail Columbia, Or Not

September 24, 2007

Did Columbia University President Lee Bollinger shrewdly and effectively maneuver Ahmadinejad and conservatives into a trap? – a trap he sprung with his extremely hard hitting introduction today? According to Vanderleun at American Digest:

I’ll be looking for the wave of apologies to President Bollinger. Starting with mine for thinking ill of his motives.

I. Don’t. Think. So. If that was truly the case, if academics really believe that the best way to confront a terrorist, murdering bully is to invite him to “share” his views, then why wasn’t Larry Summers presented with the same opportunity to – uh – distinguish himself, instead of being treated like this? Bollinger has acted like a sibling caught snitching cookies from the cookie jar, who then turns around and says to the other sibling “I told you not to take those cookies!” The sin, inviting a terrorist dictator to use his microphone, remains the cookie in Bollinger’s hand.

Academics want us to believe that they believe the cure for too much free speech is more free speech. It may be so, but that’s not what happened this week. Instead, intolerance was suppressed, but only for the politically correct on both coasts.

Update: The Captain has expressed very nearly the same view much more eloquently than I.