I Hate Ads

Is ad-blocking immoral?
I hate pop-up ads on web-pages that obscure what I’m reading, and I use the ad-block extension for Firefox.
Sigh. There are now ads that have no “close” button, even when they cover half the page. Hate those. I also hate those ads on every TV station now that used to be called “Spiders”. They sit, no longer static, small and transparent, usually on the lower right hand side of the screen. Many are now active, full color ads that run during your show. They should be grounds for a government take-over for any business that uses them. The station and the advertiser. And their little dog, too.

I like (and agree with) the analogy that forcing me by law to not use ad-blocking technology is just like forcing me to keep my blinds open when someone’s put a neon sign outside my window. Sorry. It’s my window, my room. You. Can’t. Do. That.

Ads on web sites that flash and swirl and make rude noises and take up bandwidth are almost as bad as junk mail, and have been shown by physicists to have no purpose what-so-ever in a rational universe.

I don’t have a cell phone, in part because I’m convinced that soon, all long-distance calls will be free. But you have to listen to ads first. In this case, free is too expensive.

Did I mention that I don’t like ads on web-pages?

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