Hail Columbia, Or Not

Did Columbia University President Lee Bollinger shrewdly and effectively maneuver Ahmadinejad and conservatives into a trap? – a trap he sprung with his extremely hard hitting introduction today? According to Vanderleun at American Digest:

I’ll be looking for the wave of apologies to President Bollinger. Starting with mine for thinking ill of his motives.

I. Don’t. Think. So. If that was truly the case, if academics really believe that the best way to confront a terrorist, murdering bully is to invite him to “share” his views, then why wasn’t Larry Summers presented with the same opportunity to – uh – distinguish himself, instead of being treated like this? Bollinger has acted like a sibling caught snitching cookies from the cookie jar, who then turns around and says to the other sibling “I told you not to take those cookies!” The sin, inviting a terrorist dictator to use his microphone, remains the cookie in Bollinger’s hand.

Academics want us to believe that they believe the cure for too much free speech is more free speech. It may be so, but that’s not what happened this week. Instead, intolerance was suppressed, but only for the politically correct on both coasts.

Update: The Captain has expressed very nearly the same view much more eloquently than I.

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