Diana Krall – The Very Best Of

Wonderful stuff. One of the few collections around (and one of the few artists) worth spending money on. Yes, it’s jazz, but if you’re not an aficionado you might become one after one or two listenings.

What she can’t do with the jazz idiom probably isn’t worth doing.

I was lucky to have heard this just a day after spending an hour or so listening to a Frank Sinatra collection. I love Sinatra, but mostly his later stuff. The jazz-saturated early Sinatra music (from the ’40s and ’50s) was not something I understood or appreciated. But after hearing Diana Krall’s rendition of Fly Me To The Moon (Bart Howard, written in 1954), well, it’s a revelation. I feel like I learned something about jazz and it makes me appreciate the intricacies.

The surprise to me was the Tom Waits song, The Heart of Saturday Night. My first thought was that this was Ricky Lee Jones, only better. The second thought was; Sheryl Crow (only better). The AstroWife detected a hint of Loretta Lynn, and clearly, Mrs. Costello could do nearly any gendre of music she wanted, and do it masterfully.

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