A while back I noted that the many of the dangers once associated with the Soviet Union still existed in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Since that post, Russia has been quite publicly involved with international espionage and intrigue, has been been accused (by chess champion and now politico Garry Kasparov) of criminal politics, and rumors have been floating around that the Kremlin (or Putin) is heavily involved with the Iranian nuclear program.

This continues. Here is an excellent expose of Vladimir Putin and his rise to power.

One moment in the spring of 1997 he’s an unknown KGB spy plagiarizing his thesis at an obscure institute; the next he’s deputy chief of staff to Boris Yeltsin, and soon after that boss of the entire KGB. Within months of reaching that pinnacle, Russia’s leading human rights activist, legislator Galina Starovoitova, is shot dead, and a prosecutorial investigation into Kremlin corruption has been squashed by the revelation of the prosecutor, Yuri Skuratov, on secret sex tapes. No sooner has this happened than Putin has been named prime minister of the country. What do they call it in the mafia? Making your bones?

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