Lose the We

This is a great post at TCM. Consider this – a band of friends all from the same school of economics, at George Mason University. They share drinks, laughs and ideas, and ultimately, over years, realize that these ideas have matured. They’re also a bit different than the ideas of their contemporaries. How so?

Most economists favor the free market, with reservations. Masonomics rejects the reservations. If John and Mary are free individuals, and John trades with Mary, then John and Mary both are better off. End of story.

Most other economists believe in the need for government intervention. Like many non-economists, they talk about government policy in terms of we. We must, we have to, we need, we should, etc.

Once upon a time, “We, the people” was the preamble to a charter that reminded those in government of the limitations on the power granted to them. In today’s political discourse, “we” is more often the preamble to something like a call for an involuntary collective health system.

The ideas get even better. It’s worth your time to read.

They list several blogs in which the former denizens of the George Mason School of Economics just happen to participate, and I intend to peruse them. This could be the adult version of Ayn Rand.

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