Goinnnnnnng uP!

Continuing my recent themes of economics, Buffalo, NY and space, as if by magic TCS Daily combines them for me in an interesting article that compares the proposed Space Elevator with the construction of the Erie Canal.

In 1810, when DeWitt Clinton, then mayor of New York City, first proposed building the 363-mile, 83 lock canal, Gouverneur Morris, responded by saying “Our minds are not yet enlarged to the size of so great an object.” Another Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, was more biting in his criticism, writing to Clinton, “It is a splendid project, and may be executed a century hence. It is little short of madness to think of it this day.”

History records that the canal was finished in less than a decade, two years ahead of schedule (um, and without federal help, I might add).

But why build an “elevator to space”? Because you can? No. Do it because the benefits, though unknowable, would be incalculable.

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