In college, decades ago, we used to play card game called Hearts. There were two ways to win a hand in that game – your team either won more tricks than the other team, or you lost all the tricks.
That wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen often; it required you to convince the opposing team that you were your zigging for at least a few rounds, until it was too late for them to realize that you were zagging. Most players saw it happen seldom, if ever.

I really shouldn’t blog this, and I really shouldn’t blog it this way (it’ll come off like gloating no matter what I do). But today in Congress, the Democrat leadership got skunked that same way, when Congressman Dennis Kucinich brought his impeachment (of Vice President Channey) resolution to the floor. The Democrat leadership didn’t want that, mostly because it doesn’t play well in polls, but also because the resolution itself was a little less than coherent. (added later – and because the Vice President would preside over his own impeachment and that makes it unlikely to succeed.) By the rules of the house, they would have to either table it or defend it, and they simply were not prepared to do the latter. When Republicans realized they were not prepared, they defeated the motion to table the bill, forcing the motion to refer it to the Judiciary committee, where it will die rather than be debated in public.

It was brillant politics. It’s also a pity that the parties both work so much better in the minority than they do when they have control.

What’s really funny is how many kos kids had no clue.

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