Too Early

There’s been reports about the bad stretch of road affecting the Clinton campaign of late. It’s not the first report, or even the first in the last two weeks about how her campaign is floundering. Other campaigns had similar stories published about being caught flat-footed by events even earlier. I doubt that any candidate will be immune to such stories. But do they mean anything?

It’s just too soon to be eliminating anyone. Honestly, it’s too soon for anyone to be even running, much less considered to be a serious candidate, and it’s ridiculous that we are playing presidential politics a full year in advance of the first ballot.

What should be obvious to reporters and poll takers, but isn’t, is that THE VOTING PUBLIC DOESN’T CARE (yet). They will, but not yet. Maybe by Labor Day, 2008.

Until then, neither Lincoln-Douglas level rhetoric nor gaffes will mean squat when November 2008 rolls around. It’s quite possible that our next president is not even in the race (or being considered) yet. In 1967, Lyndon Banes Johnson obviously the winner of the upcoming election, with Hubert Humphrey as his equally obvious running mate. The next great hope to appear was Eugene McCarthy, followed closely by presumptive winner, Robert Kennedy.

History records something else entirely. What had happened in between was 1968.

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