Dems Da Facts, Jack

Ooohhh – this makes me feel cynical.

Climate change is “severe and so sweeping that only urgent, global action” can head it off, a United Nations scientific panel said in a report on global warming issued Saturday.

The report produced by the Nobel prize-winning panel warns of the devastating impact for developing countries and the threat of species extinction posed by the climate crisis.

The U.N. is saying urgent action must be taken. HANG ON TO YOUR WALLET!

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, presenting the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report in Valencia, Spain, warned that some of the effects of rising levels of greenhouse gases may already be irreversible.

The U.N. head said the situation was already “so severe and so sweeping that only urgent, global action” could head off the crisis.

But don’t panic now. Although the U.N. head says that the world is “on the verge of a catastrophe”, CNN reports:

[H]e insisted that he remained optimistic that international cooperation could still help reverse the damage caused by unchecked temperature rises.

“The overarching message: We can beat this. There are real and affordable ways to deal with climate change,” he said in the column.

Uh-huh! Right. I got it.

I had a (friendly) discussion recently with a co-worker about the evidence for global warming. He was familiar with the work of Baliunas and Soon (and if I may name-drop for a moment, I must disclose that Sallie Baliunas was a college friend of mine), and insisted that their work, and indeed, the work of all other “global-warming denialists” he had seen was tainted by the presence of big-oil money supporting their work. The co-worker is an acquaintance of Dr. James Hansen (of GSFC), and bases a bit of his argument on Hansen’s work.

Today, I came across this article in DailyTech. It feeds my cynicism to see Soros money supporting GW alarmism.

Separation of Church and State? How about Separation of Science and State?

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