I Just Knew There Was a Connection

– between physics and rock’n roll. I just knew it!

Mark Everett is the front man for the band Eels. He’s also the son of the man who first espoused the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics, Hugh Everett.

Never heard of Hugh Everett? To be honest, I didn’t remembered the name either. The son is making a documentary film about his father. From New Scientist (link above), who asks why Everett’s efforts were not supported in the 1930s and 1940s by the physics powers-that-be:

With relativity, Albert Einstein offered the world an appetiser before the main course, and that made it easier to swallow. My father just offered up the main course. It was hard for those on the Mount Rushmore of physics – Einstein and Niels Bohr – to say “We’re going to let this kid knock our faces off”. He went to Copenhagen in 1959, naively thinking that he was going to change Bohr’s mind. To me, that’s the defining moment of his life. After that he crawled into his shell.

Now that’s history!

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